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Kids’ Week in Crieff 2019 will be our fourth year. We love putting this together and the positive responses from the growing list of attendees makes all the work and planning worthwhile.

This website is a bit of a placeholder. Over the past couple of years our Facebook page has proved to be a fantastic way to keep people informed about Kids’ Week events. Whether it’s updating a venue because of a change in venue or letting people know about last minute openings for fully-booked events, there’s nothing quite like Facebook for keeping people in the know as things happen.

For this reason we recommend popping over to our Facebook page for more specific information about events running throughout Kids Week.

Read on here if you’d like to know some of the basics about Kids Week and a bit of the history too.

A week for all the family

Kids Week in Crieff has been set up so that every member of the family can be included. This summer Kids Week in Crieff begins on Sunday 14th July with Gala Day. KWIC then includes a variety of activities and events through five consecutive days of activities timetabled from Monday 15th to Friday 19th July 2019.

KWIC is aimed at all ages of kids (from tots to teens) and is an all-inclusive, intergenerational, week-long event held in various venues throughout Crieff.

So much to do!!! So many people to thank

We’re pretty excited about the timetable and thank all those who are involved with both providing a service and those that have chosen to support KWIC. Lets not forget the extensive list of folks that come together to volunteer to make KWIC happen. Its quite the undertaking and we’re gushingly proud of all our crew.

You can see a few our lovely lot on our Johnston Media videos if you look on our Facebook page @kwic2018. (just click here)

You can’t end a Scottish event without a Ceilidh!

The week will conclude with a Family Ceilidh on the evening of Friday 19th July and you won’t want to miss it!

Why we do what we do

We want to raise awareness of some of the already existing successful kids’ groups and activities we have here in Crieff. We also want to show off all the amazing stuff that’s happening right here in our town for our children. We want local families and those from other towns to visit and take part in the event, and to see how great our wee town is.

There really is something for everyone. Keep a check on here and on our Facebook page for updates and to be the early bird that gets the first look at our timetable. Please support us by ‘liking’ our page and follow us too.

How to get your hands on a timetable

You’ll be able to keep track of our timetable on our Facebook page (which is also the best place to communicate with our committee and admin).

OHYABEEZER An exciting summer is ahead!!!

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