How It All Started….

So a little bit of background for you as to how Kids’ Week In Crieff came about, and what we have been doing in order to make it all happen…


Back in February 2016, the lovely Hazel Bray came up with the idea of having a Kids’ Week – she envisaged a week of summer fun for children and young people of all ages, with the particular purpose of bringing our community together. A small team was formed, and so the journey began…

Over the coming months, we worked tirelessly organising the event – as we planned it, it seemed to get bigger and better each week. We added in the Gala. And the Parade. We got external companies involved. We fundraised. And we fundraised some more. We met a certain Mr Ewan McGregor, who indirectly gave our event free press. We were starting to become recognised as “those folk that are organising that thing”. Our local people supported us massively with our fundraising efforts, especially our local businesses. The momentum was building…


…And here we are now, weeks away from it all becoming a reality! Thank you to all who have helped us get this far… hopefully we can do a good job and make it a week to remember – our wee town is a cracking wee town, let’s celebrate it.



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